Refresh Memory Challenge


The Refresh Memory Challenge is designed to help reinvigorate your walk with God. Over the course of seven weeks, you'll memorize 21 verses that address various sources of spiritual drought. To make them easier to memorize, each of the seven lesson headings follows the "REFRESH" acronym: Read God's Word, Eliminate Distractions, Fellowship with Believers, Remember to Pray, Exalt the Lord, Seek His Face, and Hope in Christ.

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Step 1: Register

Registration is simple. By enrolling, you'll have access to these resources:

Free: Study Guide

Each weekly lesson includes brief devotionals and study questions designed to help you live out God's Word. The study guide is included in the memory booklet and apps (see below).


Memory Booklet - $2.50 (optional)

The memory booklet includes each week's memory verses with devotionals and thought-provoking study questions. We're so sure this booklet will help you memorize that we're making it available for just $2.50 to everyone who participates. (A coupon code will be emailed to you after signing up.)


Free: Mobile Apps

You can also access the Refresh verses and all of the study content for free in our mobile apps. Besides making it easy to review your verses on the go, the apps include helpful memory tools that streamline the process of hiding God's Word in your heart.



Free: Facebook Group

Be encouraged by a community of memorizers who are all learning the same verses together. We'll also share periodic videos with Scripture memory tips and encouragement. 


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Step 2: Memorize

The Refresh Memory Challenge officially begins on September 28, 2020. That's when the whole group will begin memorizing the first week's verses. You can memorize using the memory booklet, the apps, or any method that works for you. Each week, you'll receive an email with practical tips on how to memorize that week's verses.

Step 3: Make a Difference

Each week, you'll have an opportunity to report how many verses you successfully memorized. You'll earn ten points for each verse, and those points will help bring Bibles to Christians in India. At the end of 7 weeks, SMF will donate one Bible per 600 points earned by the group.