VerseLocker for Groups

Custom Scripture memory courses for your organization

VerseLocker is SMF’s free Bible memory app, and it’s revolutionizing the way people memorize Scripture. Since it launched in 2018, more than six million memory verses have been added by Scripture memorizers from 170+ countries!

VerseLocker for Groups allows churches, small groups, and other Christian organizations to create their own shareable Scripture memory courses. Just like VerseLocker's built-in downloadable collections, your memory course can be divided into lessons with custom devotional content provided by you!
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  • How's it work?

    • Pick the plan that’s right for your group (see below).
    • Use the VerseLocker Admin Console to create your Scripture memory courses.
    • Optionally, provide devotional material and other study content for your users.
    • Share your collection with the world!

    Ready to get started?

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