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The Free Bible Memory App

Discover the new way to memorize Scripture.


Completely Free

No trial period, subscriptions, or premium features. What’s the catch? There isn’t one. We promise!


Interactive tools

VerseLocker makes Scripture memory fun with audio and visual memory tools.

set your own pace

Set your own pace

Create a Scripture memory routine that’s right for you.


Verse Collections

Organize your verses into custom collections, or download pre-built verse collections on popular topics.


Customized Review

Choose how often you want to review each memory verse.

set your own pace

Stay In Sync

Use VerseLocker on your phone, tablet, or PC. Your verses stay in sync across all your devices.

6 Million Verses And Counting

See how VerseLocker is helping people in over 100 countries memorize Scripture.


What Our Users Say

What a game changer! I've only used it for a few months, and I can already recite 50+ verses with near perfect accuracy.

Jacob Bradshaw

Love this app. Scripture memorization has always been difficult for me, but the app has so many different features that assist me in the process. And I can keep adding scriptures to my memorized verses and review them daily (sometimes twice a day). I'm surprised at how much I am retaining and the memorizing keeps me focused on what is REALLY important in my life. Besides that - it is good for the brain. Thanks for the app. It is a big help!

Pat Nielsen

They've thought of everything! There are several different games available that use the best memorization tools, word shuffle, blur/hide words, use only 1st letter, etc. You can sort your verses into different collections created by you or use the collections already provided. Adding a new verse is easy peasy once you have the reference. You can even earn badges as incentive. I found this app very intuitive. Many thanks to the developers as I have tried other apps which never worked for me.

Esther Fritz

Man, this app is exactly what I've been looking for! It makes memorization so easy and convenient. The ability to do a single verse or a passage and put them in different groups is fantastic. This has been perfect for Bible college.

Brett Entrikin

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