Outside Resources

Outside Resources

Many people have found the following online tools to be helpful in their memory efforts. We also recommend using the SMF App and VerseLocker to memorize Scripture on your mobile device. The most important thing is that you are memorizing Scripture—no matter which tools you use!

Piercing Word

Piercing Word is a ministry that has been performing Scripture across the country since 2007 and is currently based out of Lancaster, PA. All of their scripts are word-for-word straight from the ESV Bible. The mission of Piercing Word is to ignite passion for the Word of God in the heart of the church through Scripture performance.

Bible Memory Goal

The Bible Memory Goal is a website and YouTube channel that is meant to inspire you to start (or restart!) memorizing Scripture. And not just one verse here or there – entire chapters and books of the Bible! It is possible, and you’ll find plenty of resources here to help you develop different methods and techniques to make it possible.

Fighter Verses

Five-year Scripture memory plans provided by the ministry of Children Desiring God. Choose one of four different verse sets, or choose your own memory verses and record your recitations to check for accuracy. Translations: ESV, NIV, some KJV, and LBLA (Spanish).

National Bible Bee

This systemized national competition brings families together to study and memorize Scripture. Local quizzes precede Nationals, where the top memorizers in each age group have the opportunity to win cash prizes.

Scripture Speakers

For the glory of God and the edification of His church, Scripture Speakers exists to encourage believers in the discipline of Scripture memory and the ministry of recitation.

Verse Card Maker

The Verse Card Maker (VCM) is a quick and easy way to create cards for Scripture memorization. All you have to do is enter the reference of the passage(s) you would like to learn and the VCM does the rest, from fetching the text to splitting long passages into manageable chunks, then delivering a fully formatted PDF for easy printing.