Free Downloads

Free Downloads

We’d love to share some free resources with you to motivate and aid you on your memorization journey. The links below provide access to some helpful tools that we’ve compiled for you.

The Scripture Memory Podcast

The Scripture Memory Podcast seeks to inspire new memorizers and cultivate veteran memorizers to learn the Bible for the glory of God. In each episode, you’ll find rich content from our hosts, as well as compelling stories and strategies from special guests to help you on your scripture memorization journey.

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Daily Devotionals

Sign up to have Charles Spurgeon's classic daily devotionals sent straight to your inbox. Each email also includes a link to memorize that day's verse(s) in VerseLocker, our free Bible memory app.

Morning & Evening Faith's Checkbook

5 Ways Scripture Memorization Helps in Affliction

Life is full of uncertainty. One thing that is certain is our experience of trouble and tribulation. Jesus Himself warned us of this in John 16:33 when He said, “In the world you will have tribulation.” Thankfully, as believers, we have something even more certain than our struggles in this life: our hope in Christ!

In this infographic, you will discover five ways that memorizing God's Word can help you through times of affliction. Click the button below to download!

Memory Grid

A Memory Grid is a great tool to help you memorize chapters and even complete books of the Bible. What makes the Memory Grid method so effective? By revealing just the first letter of each word, your Memory Grid will help you say your passage correctly during the early stages of memorization. Click the link below to generate a personal memory grid!

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Memorizing Passages

By Andrew Davis, this printable guide features methods and suggestions for memorizing large portions of Scripture.

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3 W's of Memorizing

A printable infographic on the essentials of memorization. This free infographic features three simple steps that will kick-start your Scripture memory journey. It only takes 20 seconds to read, but it's full of practical help designed to make memorizing God's Word an everyday reality! Just enter your email address below and your download will begin right away.


Biblical Illiteracy

Did you know most Americans read the Bible less than 5 times a year? It's little wonder, then, that at least 12% of adults believe Joan of Arc was Noah's wife! This free infographic shows just how widespread Biblical illiteracy is in America and how Christians can overcome it. Just click below to grab the free download.