Scripture Memory Camp is an opportunity to step away from the busyness of everyday life and enjoy a week of fun, fellowship, and—most importantly—Scripture. Each morning begins with a lakeside devotional and Bible study, followed by an afternoon of recreation and fun. In the evening, campers gather in the gymnasium for singing and a message from God’s Word.


Scripture Memory Camp is designed for the young and the young at heart! Campers ages 3-18 memorize Bible verses to earn a full week of camp. Parents and other adult memorizers are also welcome.


Scripture Memory Camp is held at Southland Christian Camp in Ringgold, Louisiana. Learn more about Southland's camp facility here.

Youth ages 9-18 stay in dorms with counselors for the full camping experience while adults stay in the motels. Cabins and/or motel rooms are also available for families who would like lodge together. Children ages 8 and under must lodge with parents or sponsors.


Camp is scheduled for July 5-9, 2021. Camp will start with Monday afternoon check-in and supper. Camp ends with Friday breakfast and morning departures.


Scripture memorization is your ticket to camp! Keep reading for more details.

Ages 0-2: Free with parents.

Ages 3-18: Full memorization scholarship required (see below). First-time campers may choose to pay full price instead; contact SMF for more information.

SMF asks adults to pay full price so that scholarship funds can be directed to children and youth. However, financial aid for adults may be requested in writing. Priority will be given to those willing to earn a memorization scholarship.

$25 deposit required for all campers ages 3 and up during Spring 2021 Registration.

Memorization Scholarship

IMPORTANT: As of 2021, SMF’s Board of Directors now requires full memorization scholarships for campers ages 3-18. Partial scholarships are NOT available. Only first-time campers may pay full price to attend.

Key verses from Proverbs to Malachi (in SwordGrip Old Testament: Volume 2) are the memorization theme for Camp 2021. Memorize all verses for your age level.

   Pre-K through 2nd: memorize all the purple verses (28 total)

   3rd through 5th grade: memorize the purple and blue verses (55 total)

   6th through 12th grade: memorize the purple, blue, and orange verses (81 total)

All age-level verses must be recited in one sitting to qualify for camp, so memorize well and review regularly! Two helps are allowed per page at the final recitation.

Interested? Start Here!

1) Let us know you’re interested via the button below. More information is coming, and we’d love to keep you in the loop.

2) Get started memorizing. The SwordGrip Old Testament: Volume 2 flipbook is available here. Or, you can access the SwordGrip Old Testament: Volume 2 verses with a free VerseLocker account here.

3) Contact SMF with any questions.