SwordGrip New Testament

SwordGrip New Testament

The Classics: 100 Bible Verses Everyone Should Know (booklet + verse cards)

The Classics: 100 Bible Verses Everyone Should Know (booklet + verse cards)

SwordGrip New Testament

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Get a grip on God's Word by memorizing 82 key verses from Matthew to Revelation over the course of 27 weeks. 

Designed for ages 7+. Flipbook measures 5.5" X 8.5".

Great for Visual Learners

Each SwordGrip verse is color-coded to help you memorize. If you've never memorized before, start with one verse a week by learning the green verse for each book. When you're finished, go back to learn the other colors.

SwordGrip also features a memory image for each lesson. Picturing the image in your mind will help jog your memory when reciting.

Detachable Verse Cards

Take your verse cards with you to practice them anytime! Just cut them out and attach them to the included metal ring. The first letter of each verse is printed on the back of the cards to help with memorization. When you're ready to quote, just hand your verse cards to your hearer.

Stickers to Mark Each Week's Recitation

Use the included stickers to commemorate each week's recitation. Did you recite your verses perfectly? If so, place your sticker in the gold circle for that book! One help per page earns silver; two helps per page earns bronze.