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ABC Memory Book

ABC Memory Book

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Learn one verse of Scripture for each letter of the alphabet.

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For those who have completed the Bible Forget-Me-Nots Memory Book, the ABC Memory Book is the best and most popular memory book for preschoolers (ages 3-4). Learn one verse of Scripture for each letter of the alphabet from A through Y, then read about the story of Zaccheus for the letter Z. A short explanation, a related song or poem, and a beautiful watercolor type illustration are included for every verse.

Customer Reviews

Loving It!
“I used the ABC's Bible Memory course for years when I taught kindergarten in Christian Schools beginning in 1975.. We also used it for each of our children. This ABC book I ordered for our youngest grandson who I am doing some pre-kindergarten work with. He is learning the verses and absolutely loving it. ”
“I have used this book with 4 of our 6 children so far. I love this book and cannot recommend it enough! I have started it with my younger ones at age 2. We use the cd with it, mostly to help me remember them :) ”

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