Overcoming Stress + Refresh

Overcoming Stress + Refresh

Peace Scripture Songs: Digital Download

Peace Scripture Songs: Digital Download

Overcoming Stress + Refresh

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This unique book contains two memory courses in one volume! After memorizing one course, simply flip the book cover and memorize the second course! 

Overcoming Stress follows a unique lesson format – the acrostic TRUST. In five lessons, you’ll memorize 20 verses that serve as godly weapons against stress. As memorizers’ priorities and thought patterns are transformed by Scripture, they will be empowered to “bear much fruit” and enjoy the “perfect peace” of God (John 15:8; Isa. 26:3).

Once you’ve beaten stress, flip the book over and learn our Refresh memory course. Refresh is for those experiencing dry spiritual seasons. With the Word of God hidden in your heart, you’ll enjoy rejuvenation for your soul.

Overcoming Stress + Refresh is available in ESV, KJV, and NKJV.

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Overcoming Stress

Is it possible to live without stress amidst the busyness of the 21st century? Or, should we resign ourselves to lives plagued with stress, anxiety, and worry? This Scripture memory course seeks to answer these questions and help you deal with stress biblically. Over five weeks, you’ll memorize 20 verses to help you trade stress for God’s perfect peace. To make the verses easier to memorize, each week’s lesson title follows the acronym "TRUST."

Each week, you’ll find a devotional that introduces that week’s theme. Your memory verses for the week are also included along with study questions to help you understand and apply each verse.



Seasons of spiritual drought often come upon us slowly. One degree at a time, your summer of spiritual growth gives way to winter. Landscape that once budded with zeal and love for Christ now appears barren and fruitless. Spiritual disciplines you once enjoyed are covered with the frost of complacency and indifference. For some undetectable reason, your zeal has simply vanished.

This memory course is designed to help reinvigorate your walk with God. Over the course of seven weeks, you’ll memorize 21 verses that address various solutions to spiritual drought. To make them easier to memorize, each of the seven lesson headings follows the “REFRESH” acronym. Brief devotionals and study questions accompany each passage of Scripture. The application section at the beginning of every lesson includes a longer devotional with practical help for living out that week’s verses.