Scripture Memory in France

Scripture Memory in France

I am Bernard, a French citizen married to a godly American wife and father to a 9-year-old son who we homeschool. We live in France in the Paris area. My scripture memory journey began in the spring of 2022 when I visited the SMF booth at a TTD homeschooling convention. There, SMF staff members encouraged me to start doing it and generously gave us many resources.

Returning to France, I experienced professional burnout a few months after this encounter and had to leave my job. I was utterly exhausted mentally and physically. During this time, I started a 40-day devotional that encouraged me to memorize one verse a day. I quickly moved to memorizing SwordGrip New Testament. It was then that I began to experience personally what it means that God’s Word is alive. Memorizing the Scriptures began to wash me from the inside.

Before practicing Bible memory, the idea of a relationship with God was very abstract. Now, my relationship with God is real and strong because of what His Word is doing inside me. I can’t stop sharing my passion for Bible memory with family and friends.

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