It's Time to Make Time

Is accurate word-for-word memorization worth the time? We can semi-learn, recite-and-run, and skip review altogether. But, "every word of God is pure…" (Prov. 30:5). Since God has preserved His Word without error, won’t we care to know it deeply and exactly? The keys to accuracy are thorough memory work in the beginning, correction of errors, and regular review. We’ll touch on these topics in future posts.

But for today, there’s a ground-level matter to settle: TIME! How many minutes of quality time did you give last week to memorizing your lesson? Will it take more than that to keep up? If we want accuracy, we must face squarely the need for adequate time spent on Scripture memorization.

We make time for what we deem important. What routine pockets of time could you repurpose? Could you check Facebook in the morning or night but not both? Could you watch the weather forecast less frequently? (Just be sure to shave time off your own “extras” rather than taking time from the people and work God has given you.) Let’s each find a consistent pocket of time to reclaim and say: “Memorization of God’s Word is more important!”



  • I believe that it is important to make time for memorizations. I appreciate the blogs. Bible verses help to give true meaning to life. Please pardon me for any spelling errors, as I am typing without my glasses at the moment. I felt motivated to type while at the library today.
  • Can I have the app outside of North America? I live in Central America.
    • I think you should be able to download the app without issue in Central America. Have you encountered any problems when attempting to install it?
  • Thank you, Laura, for these practical recommendations. As you mention, thoroughness, correction and review are all vital to effective Scripture memorization.

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