The Difference Between Memorizing Scripture & Raising Chickens

"I am Yours, save me; for I have sought Your precepts." (Psalm 119:94)

Years ago, a hobbyist chicken farmer in Missouri was asked, "If I start raising chickens, when can I expect to start making some money?” The chicken farmer simply smiled and said, "You don't raise chickens to make money. You raise chickens for the joy that they bring."

Having owned chickens myself some years ago, I’m personally familiar with just how true this is. My family had a modest flock of just six chickens, two of which were roosters that apparently missed the memo about crowing at dawn. Oftentimes, the peaceful silence of nighttime was pierced with the voices of our insomniac roosters.

Even with four hens, getting an egg or two a day was about all we could expect. Over the course of a week, a dozen eggs hardly compensated for the time and money spent feeding them, cleaning the coop, and chasing them out of my grandmother’s flower bed. But after all, we weren’t raising chickens to make money. We raised chickens for the joy that they bring.

As we talk to people across the country, we're often asked similar questions about memorizing Scripture. "If I start memorizing, at what point will it become easier? Will it ever just come naturally?" Unfortunately, we haven't yet found a way to take the work out of memorizing Scripture. But we don’t raise chickens to get rich, and we don’t memorize Scripture because it’s easy. We do these things for the joy that they bring!

Admittedly, my family eventually grew weary of caring for that little flock of chickens. Lots of work with little to show for it eventually took its toll, and our chickens found a new home. By contrast, the time I’ve spent memorizing Scripture has never been fruitless. At no point have I “counted the eggs” and realized I was spending more than this discipline is worth. Unlike raising chickens, I can memorize Scripture both for the joy it brings and for the profit it yields.


  • Nicholas Newman
    If I could pinpoint the methods people use...I don't have toys, but that is a great approach Maggie. Index cards work the best for me, and Using red ink for the beginning of the first word of the verse and chapter, and underlining those words used often. One word, one verse reading and repeating out loud, flipping the index card over and over until a small section is completed....
  • I enjoy reading what others are doing to help them in the memory work. I keep plugging away, too, but I never give up.
    • If there's a secret to memorizing Scripture, that's it: keep plugging away, never give up! Keep up the great work!
  • I pray that more people would take the time to discipline to memorize scripture, I wish there was a adult Bible club like Bible Bowl and other Bible Quiz that teenagers have. I memorize Bible verses using pictures, and objects for example children's toys like castles, swords, shields, fake flowers, fake fruit, a globe, insoles (souls) from my shoes, hearts, plastic chains, for freedom verses I sometimes use the opposite to trigger my memory. I love this group.
    • Those are some great ideas. The trick is finding what works for you and running with it. It sounds like you're doing a great job of that! Keep up the good work.
  • I have chickens mostly for the joy and the sight of them too! You should have at least 8 and then the number of eggs is worth all the trouble. And Scripture Memory is worth it too. It keeps me busy, real busy, but when I get a deeper understanding from God from a Scripture I've been over 100 times, it is one of the greatest blessings in my life!
    • Thanks for sharing, Anna. What I didn't mention in the post is that I also raised ducks at one point as well. Now there's an adventure!

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