The Need for Accountability

Why do we shrink from accountability? Reciting to a specific person at a set time each week will help us stay on track and press forward. It will also help us recite accurately. After all, errors made while whispering to ourselves will not disturb like errors made in front of a friend. Take up accountability not only as a help but also as a time to encourage someone else with the Scripture you've learned.

To answer some objections:

"Why bother with a specific time? I'll recite when I'm ready." If you have the self-control to do so consistently, great. But knowing you quote tomorrow at 7pm will help you tonight to turn off the computer and study that tough verse a little more.

"I'm too busy." A good recitation of your weekly lesson need not take more than five or ten minutes. Just find a regular point in your schedule where you already spend time with people (Sunday School, soccer practice, date night, etc.). Then, ask someone to hear you before or after this event.

"I don't want the pressure." Deadlines do us good. If you prepare well, there's no need to feel accountability as a burden. The real issue may be knowing you need to study harder to recite weekly to a person. But if we can't say our verses aloud, do we really know them?

Consider both family and non-family as you choose a hearer. Ideally, the person you ask would be kind, firm, attentive to detail, and supportive. Remember though, it's sometimes easier to keep schedule and quality with someone outside your family circle. You can also make this an evangelistic outreach. Would your unsaved neighbor or coworker be willing to hear your verses?


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