Trash or Treasure?

"Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith..." (Heb. 12:2)

We live in the Information Age. For most of us, this means facing a near-constant bombardment of news, phone calls, emails, text messages, and advertisements. Can you relate?

Surviving this inundation of media requires saying "no" to the vast majority of requests for attention. That means deleting most emails without reading them, letting unknown callers go to voicemail, and throwing away 44% of paper mail without even opening it. Silently but certainly, we decide a thousand times each day what's important and what's garbage.

As we process this constant stream of information, the danger is not that we'll accidentally throw away a piece of junk mail; it's that we'll mistakenly discard something valuable. All too often, this happens spiritually as we treat God's priceless Word like yet another disposable part of our daily routine.

For some, God's Word is like junk mail: unimportant and easily ignored. For others, it's just one more bill to pay: a daily obligation that's not quite junk and yet anything but enjoyable. Finally, there are those who eagerly open God's Word each day like an unexpected package on their doorstep. God's Word is to them "the joy and rejoicing" of their hearts -- and they can't wait to see what's inside (Jer. 15:16).

Which group best describes you?



  • Mary Therese Williams
    Thank you for the post. May I have permission to translate it?
  • I was so blessed by this. It made me cry because I still struggle being excited to study God's word. I was just sharing this a few days ago. I don't wake up in the morning jumping out of bed w excitement to have my morning worship. I wanna stay in bed. And I didn't develop good study habits in school. In fact I developed loathing for studying. So when I go to think about studying God's word there's this blockade in my mind, that same spur reaction to the word stufy. But once I sit down and crack open the Book and I get going I'm loving it! I wanna be eager to study. I'm praying for it. I know He can cause our hearts to be anyhting He wants them to be so I'm trusting Him to keep working on mine so I can jump out of bed in the morning when He wakes me w excitement to spend time w Him in His word. Thank you so much for verse locker! It's a great tool to memorize Scripture!
    • Amy, thank you for your candid response. I can relate to what you're saying. Spiritual disciplines like studying and memorizing Scripture are often difficult to start, but once you get going it can be hard to stop! May we all become more like the Psalmist, who didn't just read God's Word, but found his greatest delight in its pages (Psa. 119:77, 174).
  • Thank you, Dakota, for reminding me day after day. I love the Bible. I study it with a small group and we memorize verses according to what we´re studying. It´s usually at night that I have time to read. I always read what ever you send my way. God bless you and the others who work there at Scripture Memory.
    • Mrs. Baillie, thank you for your encouraging comment. More than that, thank you for your example of loving God's Word! Keep up the good work!
  • Love to memorize scriptures

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