Kansas City Scriptorium 2016


If you’ve never been to a Scriptorium, you’re missing out — big time. In a nutshell, a Scriptorium is a formal recitation of a predetermined portion of Scripture. Scripture Memory Fellowship hosted the first-ever Scriptorium in Hannibal, Missouri 10 years ago, an idea that quickly gained traction with churches across the country. To date, more than 20 Scriptoriums have been hosted around the world!

Thanks to the Pentimone family and Masters Community Church in Kansas City, I was able to attend my very first Scriptorium this past weekend. The event was a remarkable success that featured dozens of memorizers reciting entire chapters of Scripture with a contagious joy and enthusiasm. Friday evening began with recitations from Genesis, the entire book of Ruth, several Psalms and a portion of Isaiah. Recitations continued Saturday morning and featured more than 30 memorizers quoting through the entire book of Matthew and the final 3 chapters of Revelation.

Personally, my favorite moment was an especially dramatic presentation of Matthew 22 by Ben W. The hypocrisy of the Pharisees in their constant attempts to “entangle Him in His talk” (vs. 15) was made especially apparent, and the entire room was captivated for several minutes as these 46 verses were recited with confidence.

Scriptoriums are upcoming in Springfield, Missouri and Akron, OH. If that’s a bit of a drive, talk to your pastor about hosting one at your church. Open an opportunity for faithful memorizers in your area to come out of the woodwork, meet, and edify as they share God’s Word with one another. You will be encouraged!


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