Our mission at Scripture Memory Fellowship is a very simple one: to provide tools and encouragement that will help you and your family successfully memorize Scripture. We’ve spent the last 70 years developing our own set of resources, but we never hesitate to recommend any other helps that may be able to streamline the process of hiding God's Word in your own heart. Although a number of those resources are featured in the Online Tools section of this site, I’d like to highlight just five reasons why not only made that list, but is highly recommended by our staff at conferences and expos across at the country.

1) It manages your memory verses for you. You may still want to hang on to those handwritten flashcards you’ve worked so diligently on creating, but Memverse independently keeps a list of every verse you have ever learned. Simply add the verses you already know and any you'd like to learn, and the software takes care of organizing them for you.

2) No wasted time. Memverse uses a SuperMemo Algorithm to determine exactly when and how often you should review each of your memory verses. Before I was introduced to the site, I used the far less scientific approach of reviewing all my verses at least once per week. Although this was effective, it was certainly not efficient. As you use Memverse, you will find that you're able to retain more memory verses as the software prompts you to review each passage at the appropriate time. In other words, you can spend less time reviewing verses you already know, and more time learning new Scripture.

3) Monitor your accuracy. Learning a verse with word perfect accuracy is something we encourage, especially since age and other factors can negatively affect your memory over time. Through Memverse’s optional accuracy tests, you can monitor your accuracy and make adjustments to your routine as necessary.

4) Leaderboards. While the best motivation to memorize Scripture is a simple appreciation for the Word of God, a little friendly competition is helpful for some. Memverse not only shows you where you rank individually, but it also has separate country, state and church leaderboards.

5) It’s 100% free/online. There’s nothing to download, and absolutely no subscription fees. In fact, you won’t even be bothered by a banner ad while you memorize! Volunteers have donated countless hours developing and maintaining the site, meaning one of the most relevant and effective resources we’ve found is also completely free.

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  • Wow! I mostly would like to Review verses I learned years ago.
    • Hi Kathleen, Thanks for commenting and for your interest in Scripture memory. Please do check out memverse and let us know how it works for you.

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