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Since Scripture Memory Fellowship's founding in 1977, we've seen Bible memory change lives! For the last 46 years, our mission has been to help people experience the life-changing impact of delighting in God's Word through Scripture memory (Psa. 119:92-93). We've produced dozens of Scripture memory programs, hosted annual weeks of Scripture Memory Camp, and seen countless lives changed by the power of God's Word.

All along the way, God has provided for the needs of this ministry through the generous support of His people. We aren't sponsored by a megachurch or denomination; instead, God's provision flows through hundreds of donors just like you. These donations fund our staff and resources like VerseLocker, The Scripture Memory Podcast, Scripture Memory Camp, and dozens of printed memory courses.

Like many nonprofit ministries, SMF has experienced a decline in giving over the summer months. Although we normally anticipate a slight decrease, this summer has been leaner than usual. To put it in perspective, we've experienced a budget shortfall of about $30,000 since July. This naturally limits our ability to fulfill our mission of helping people know, live, and love God's Word. More specifically, it may delay our plans to publish new memory courses that are under active development.

In response to these challenges, we are asking God to do what He has done countless times before: provide through His people. Please prayerfully consider becoming a financial partner. In addition to supplying our current shortfall, we are praying for 20 new monthly donors to help fill the gap in our monthly operating expense. However you may choose to get involved, you'll be helping SMF plant the good seed of God's Word in hearts across the globe (Luke 8:11). We don't know exactly what the future holds, but we do know that the living and active Word of God never returns void (Heb. 4:12; Isa. 55:11). Thank you for your support, your prayers, and your friendship.

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