Make the Italian Run

Make the Italian Run

Can actors teach us anything about Scripture memory? Absolutely! Their techniques offer a veritable goldmine of tips for Bible memorizers. Actors essentially earn their living by memorizing and reciting what they learn, so they have many ideas to offer memorizers. Many actors use an old method called “The Italian Run” or “An Italian Rehearsal.” The phrase refers to a rehearsal where actors read their lines at high speed with no breaks or accompanying acting cues.

Why do they utilize this method? Reciting lines at high speed reveals weak areas when the actors hesitate or must slow down. It highlights what lines require more attention and polishing. Only when they can say each line without pausing or slowing the pace are they ready to move on to the next steps of preparing the performance.

How might a Bible memorizer benefit from adding this method to their bag of tools? Consider two ways. First, this can serve as an effective tool to gauge if you are ready to move from active memorization to review. Active memorization is the time a memorizer spends learning new verses. Review is a step further in the journey of memorizing, where the student now knows the verse, passage, or chapter of Scripture and is ready to begin maintaining it in the long-term memory. Second, this technique is a great way to refresh previously memorized material. A chapter you learned last year could quickly be brought up to speed using “The Italian Run.” The weak verses requiring more attention will become immediately apparent, allowing you to give them the requisite time.

Don’t be afraid to think out of the box regarding Scripture memory. The priority is memorizing for meditation, leading to quality communion with the Lord. Find the methods that work best for you and customize them to fit your needs.

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