Reset: How to Restart Bible Memorization

A former Secretary of State once famously met her Russian counterpart with a large button marked “reset.” The need was obvious. Old Cold War tensions had been on the rise. Unfortunately, sentiment did not translate into action and much of the distrust remains.

Sometimes our work of Bible memory needs a reset. Maybe you’ve gotten out of the habit due to the busyness of life or the rising distractions of technology. What should you do? Consider three tips to reset Bible memory in your life.

1. Be Immediate
If Bible memory needs a reset in your life, do something about it today. Do not wait! A conviction to renew the discipline must be acted on immediately. If you wait, you face the very real possibility of remaining negligent.

2. Be Intentional
Conviction must translate into tangible, specific action. You need a plan with a definite goal. Don’t say, “I need to return to Scripture memorization.” Instead say, “I need to memorize this particular passage in this given time frame.”

3. Be Realistic
Many good-intentioned individuals struggle or grow weary in their memorization because they set unrealistic expectations. It may take time to get back into the groove of memorizing. Give yourself the opportunity to get acclimated again. It is better to start small and be consistent than to start big and fizzle out after a few days.

God bless you and keep memorizing.


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