Tips for Memorizing During Christmas

Tips for Memorizing During Christmas

Advent is a wonderful time of the year. During this season, we look back on our Lord’s first coming and, with anticipation, expect His return. However, for many families, this marks not a time for quiet reflection but a month of travel, parties, and shopping trips. It is easy to lose the season’s meaning amid so many activities. The Christmas holidays can cause many memorizers to struggle to continue the daily discipline of Bible memory. Numerous memorizers have done well throughout the year, only to lose their progress at Christmas. Some of us have faced the difficult task of trying to start anew on January 1st. With proper planning, we can overcome the challenges December poses and finish the year strong. How can we navigate the season while avoiding the potential hazards? Consider three tips for memorizing during Christmas.

1. Adjust your expectations

At times, our habit of Bible memory is a run, while at other times, it is a walk. Remember that some progress is better than no progress. Adjust your expectations to align with your hectic schedule. Maybe that means you are learning fewer new verses than usual, or perhaps you need to focus on review until the new year. If that is the case, try not to get discouraged. Quality time with the Lord in His Word is most important, not necessarily the number of verses you check off.

2. Utilize free moments

Just because you have less time to memorize doesn’t mean you have no time to hide God’s Word in your heart. Carefully check your holiday calendar and look for free moments to leverage for Bible memory. Those moments are there if you look. The flight or drive to be with family offers lengthy periods for Bible memory. Also, be watchful for smaller windows of opportunity. Waiting at the checkout line for those last-minute presents or that extra gallon of milk provides great moments for a quick review.

3. Give the Word

We all have lost family members. We yearn for their conversion and try to have meaningful gospel conversations when we see them on the holidays. Why not give them an extra special gift? The fruits of your Bible memory! Plan a time to recite your memory verses to your family when you see them. Christmas Eve, when the family is around the tree, or Christmas Day, when everyone is at the table, offers a great occasion to recite God’s Word. They’ll listen then. Maybe it will spur them to ask questions such as, “Why do you memorize the Bible?” or “What does that verse mean?” Then you can say a word for the Savior we celebrate!

We pray you find these tips beneficial and, with God’s help, keep memorizing during this hectic time. If you’d like to memorize some verses related to this season, try our free collection called Christmas with the Prophets.

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